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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 24, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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g. we got reports that a person who had been shot in a car was then driven here to john muir medical center in concord. this is the second shooting in the same area. highway 4 around the pittsburg- bay point area since saturday night. so a disturbing little trend that we need a lot more information on this morning. this is in the area of san margo boulevard and highway 4 at about midnight last night when officers blocked off the area to collect evidence. now, from what we understand, at least one car was hit by bullets and then the driver headed here to john muir medical center in concord. we found this car here in the parking lot. we don't know the condition of the person who was brought here but it all does sound very similar to a shooting on highway 4, same area about 2.2 miles away on saturday night. 20-year-old tomas mendez was killed on his way home from work. someone shot at his car as he was driving eastbound on
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highway 4 near bailey road. and the only description officers were able to give of the suspect in the case was that they may have been driving or riding in a honda. also on highway 4. we're trying to collect more information. live in concord anne makevoc, kpix 5. berkeley investigators confirm severe dry rot was a big factor in last week's deadly balcony collapse. kpix 5's christin ayers has the latest on the investigation and what is expected to happen next. >> reporter: one week after a balcony collapsed at berkeley's library gardens apartments, killing six college students, a city building inspector announced he now knows what was wrong with the balcony. >> what our observations were severe deterioration of the wooden structural members, the most likely cause was dry rot. >> reporter: that left the balcony weak. what caused it is a mystery. also unknown whether anyone will face criminal charges in
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the collapse. berkeley police are not pursuing charges but the district attorney is looking into it. the city is proposing a number of changes to prevent similar accidents including stricter building code guidelines and inspections of weather-exposed balconies. christin ayers, kpix 5. today mourners in south carolina will pay respects to the pastor who was among nine people killed in a church shooting one week ago today. pastor clementa pinckney was a state senator so his body will lie in the state capital rotunda. >> in the memory of mr. pinckney, that we are generous in spirit, gracious in our conversation. >> and president obama will deliver the eulogy at pinckney's funeral friday. services for the other victims will take place this week and next. meanwhile, a number of major companies are now refusing to sell the confederate flag. so far san jose-base the ebay
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is on board along with amazon, walmart, sears and target. there is now a temporary boom. amazon sales of confederate flags were up more than 3,000% before it halted sales. an out-of-control wildfire continues to spread south of lake tahoe. the so-called washington fire has burned more than 16,000 acres in alpine county. several campgrounds in the area have been evacuated and parts of 4 and 89 highways will closed. the town of markleeville is on standby for possible evacuations. the fire was ignited by lightning this past friday. firefighters stopped smoke and flames feet from people's homes in fairfield. chopper 5 was over the charred aftermath yesterday afternoon. it happened on a hillside west of interstate 80. the fire burned about 15 acres in the vista grande neighborhood there. no homes were damaged. if you live in the area with all that grass, it is a little
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scary this time of year. i think -- >> we are going to traffic i think. >> i think i'm waking up now. let's go to the pretty lady in red. >> it takes a lanes are shut down as they clear up the accident west 580 at grand. about 45 minutes ago a car traveling westbound on 580 smashed into the center divider and is now still straddling that center divider in both east- and westbound lanes of traffic so the chp is there. they are working to clear it up. in the meantime you can see some of those delays traffic is very slow approaching the temporary closure. use 880 as your alternate. the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up towards the foot of the maze with the metering lights on. that's your traffic. here's roberta. my weather watchers are my window to my microclimates, able to report in what i can't see here at the station. so let's go ahead and take a
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look at some of the readings. 56 degrees, i really want to check this one because i want to see how far we have the intrusion of the low clouds and fog this morning. keith rodriguez in san leandro reports mostly cloudy skies. thanks, keith, that's helpful. take a look at that up there. clear skies kathy munch 49 degrees in sebastopol. that falls in line with santa rosa reporting clear conditions at this hour as well in the upper 40s and low 50s. we have a deck of low clouds and fog. it has moved into the bay marching inland. you saw keith's report, at least by a good 25 miles. temperatures from the upper 40s to around the mid-50s. we have right now concord with the south wind at 16. gusts to 24. numbers simple floor yesterday from the 50s, 60s at the beaches, with the sunshine, we'll have the clearing of the skies around the peninsula into the 70s and low 80s jumping up to 86 degrees in morgan hill. 90 in gilroy. around the eastern portion of the bay west winds 10 to 15
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late day. 90 in concord, danville, blackhawk, pleasanton. 93 in brentwood and in discovery bay. we have temperatures from the 60s to the 70s into the 80s north of the golden gate bridge. then we top off into the mid- 90s towards cloverdale. winds at 92 degrees. we are going to have the seven- day forecast coming up featuring triple digits. that's coming up later. black americans are unequally represented in san francisco's criminal justice system. a recent study found that black people are 7 times more likely to be arrested in the city than white people. they are 11 times more likely to be booked into jail and 10 times for likely to be convicted. studies found the disparity is closing statewide but it is growing in san francisco. a teen boy confronted an intruder to protect his two younger brothers. the child grabbed a baseball bat and threatened to swing it at the intruders. >> i was going to hit him in
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his head so he could be unconscious. >> my dog scared him out and then -- and then he came back again and we locked everything and he tried to bust in the house. >> it happened on monday morning in antioch. the older boy called 911 and police arrested that suspect in the front yard. but then the boys' mother and sister came home and the story took a twist. >> when i saw the picture i was like oh, my gosh that's the dude i used to see every day when i went to school. >> she recognized the suspect 39-year-old terrell freeman right there. she remembered him trying to talk to her at a bus stop and then following her home. the thinks he was stalking her. silicon valley air passengers will soon have the option of using ridesharing services to pick them up at mineta international airport in san jose. kiet do reports. >> reporter: good morning. mineta san jose now the second
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bay area airport to allow these ridesharing companies to operate. however, these companies say they will stay away because these new rules are too inconvenient. now, last night the city council approved a one-year pilot program where drivers have to abide by rules similar to those of traditional cab drivers. drivers for companies like uber and lyft will have to get business licenses, pay fees, be subject to inspection, go through background checks and fingerprints. yesterday's vote came after comment at city hall from employees who want some of the airport's business. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: lyft said, airport officials worked for nine months with the ridesharing community to craft an agreement that complies with allstate laws and is good for drivers, passengers and the city of san jose. yesterday's vote overturned those negotiations in less than 48 hours with no public debate."
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so these companies say they will not operate here at the airport until the city lifts the fingerprint requirements. if and when these companies finally come to the airport, then the city can finally start collecting more than $600,000 in revenue that they expect. >> does any other airport require drivers to submit fingerprints? >> reporter: no. that's the argument is that sfo doesn't require it and portland doesn't require it. why should san jose? kiet do, kpix 5. today the documentary "batkid begins" will be screened in san francisco where it was filmed about the make-a- wish for a kid who became a superhero for a day. >> i want to be the real batman is his wish. >> because he is my favorite superhero. >> so cute. it was first seen in the bay area at san jose's cinequest film festival. today's screening is at the sundance cinema at 7 p.m. here's a sign of bay area affluents. workers earn close to 50% more
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than the national average in some counties. federal bureau of labor statistics compiled data from may of 2014 covering people living in san francisco, marin and san mateo counties. those workers earned an average of $33.34 an hour. that's 47% higher than the national average of $22.71. good morning, everyone! it is 6:10! mayhem at a bay area clothing store when police confront a group of shoplifters who appear to be part of a notorious gang. >> and the push to allow dying patients in california to kill themselves is meeting unexpected resistance. we'll have the latest. >> for the first time this summer season we have temperatures in the triple digits. i'll tell you when and where. >> and two lanes remain shut down in oakland westbound 580 at grand, following this morning's major accident involving a car hitting the center divide. now stuck in the
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so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at good morning. welcome back to "kpix 5 morning news." time check for you at 6:14. taking a look at san jose with partly cloudy conditions. calm winds, 56 degrees, daytime high of 80. warmer to hot for your thursday. i have those details in just 4 minutes. a storm system delivered a strong destructive thunderstorm to parts of the northeast last night. it passed over the philadelphia area during the evening rush hour uprooting trees knocking out power to tens of thousands, causing accidents in southern new jersey and maryland, where one man was killed. high winds brought down a tree in connecticut. the "right to die" bill may be on the verge of stalling at the state capital. yesterday some democrats on the assembly health committee
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expressed reservations about it. the bill needs 10 of 19 votes to pass the committee. if the bill passes, the legislation signed by governor brown, it would be easier for terminally ill patients to kill themselves. a couple of teenagers are accused of attacking san francisco police officers after allegedly stealing from a clothing store. as andria borba found out, the girls could be part of a gang. >> reporter: in the shadow of the rainbow flag on market street it appears the rainbow girls may have struck again. >> i think it's crazy. >> reporter: at forever21, sfpd says three teenaged girls started shoplifting but officers in the area caught them. >> they all came from different directions, some went around the corner to the other side of the store. but there was a lot. a lot of cops. >> reporter: sfpd says the girls fought back. one officer used his pepper
6:16 am
spray and ended up getting a faceful himself landing in the back of this ambulance. this is video of the rainbow girls tearing through arthur barron on stockton street in december. their m.o. is the same hitting the place with thousands of designer duds as quickly as possible. >> i don't know exactly what happened as far as the girls but if this isn't the first store they have hit, i mean, i'm glad they got it under control. >> andria borba, kpix 5. police arrested two of the three girls on shoplifting charges but they could face more serious charges of battery on a police officer. more police officers will be on the streets of san francisco. the board of supervisors passed an ordinance last night requiring the police department to hire more officer based on the growing population of the city. critics say more officers won't necessarily reduce crime and that money would be better used
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on low-income housing and education. all right. a deadline is approaching for the world's ugliest dog contest in petaluma. i have beautiful dogs! >> of course. [ laughter ] >> applications must be turned in by midnight tonight. so you better hurry up. there appears to be plenty of worthy contestants. the competition will be held on friday at the sonoma-marin fair. dog owners must submit a close- up photo, boy, there's your winner right there -- [ laughter ] >> holy moly! must submit a close-up photo of the dog and an entry fee of $10 on the website. i'm sure he or she is lovely. the winner owner gets $1,500. that's a lot of dog food. other awards include trophies and gifts. [ laughter ] >> that one doesn't have any teeth apparently. but they're beautiful in their own little way. >> cute. [ laughter ] >> that's a winner. i think you're first out of
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the gate. >> all right. great. we're going to talk about the morning commute. we do have -- let the dogs -- who let the dogs out? [ laughter ] >> we have a big rig in antioch highway 4 westbound at hillcrest in antioch. you can see very slow traffic our sensors picking up traffic down to 30 miles per hour. so just set aside extra time if you normally make this busy commute out of antioch bound for pittsburg. now, we had that accident along 580 in the westbound direction and at one point the chp temporarily shut down lanes. now, lanes are now open. traffic is backed up westbound 580. it's about a quarter mile approaching grand from park boulevard. now, 880 still holding steady with no big problems to report to you as it rolls through the oakland area. so that's a good commute. the bay bridge commute though the metering lights are on. it didn't take much to delay traffic. we had a car that broke down on the bridge. that's been cleared but traffic is backed up through the macarthur maze in oakland.
6:19 am
and the silicon valley commute you're looking at a map of our sensors along 280 where it's still flowing well approaching through downtown san jose. you can expect a pocket of slow traffic for north 101 as you roll through the morgan hill area. that's a look at your "kcbs traffic." now to roberta. it really is a pretty picture. it's our live weather camera. we have a compressed deck of low clouds and patchy fog. it's roughly anywhere between 1,000 and 1300 feet deep at this hour. so far no reports of local airport delays. but i'll keep a watchful eye on that. concord a breeze gusts up to 24 out of the south the same at 16. we have clear conditions in san jose and santa rosa but it's overcast in oakland. over cast at the beaches and bay this morning into the 50s. a few clouds have lingered inland. this is our satellite-radar. and if you look very carefully right about here, as the morning has been progressing i have been noticing the development of that marine
6:20 am
layer but again it's pretty shallow so we will see it wipe away from the beaches today. and everybody will enjoy some ample sunshine. high pressure continues to build into the western states and as it does so we'll see the temperatures soar a big jumpup on thursday into the triple digits for the first time this summer season. but it will be short-lived with cooling taking place by friday. meanwhile, 109 in redding today. 87 degrees in the high sierra where currently we are in the low 40s. it's 56 degrees going up to 60s in monterey bay. 70s in the bay. 70s low 80s around the peninsula and all the way up to 93 degrees inland. west winds 10 to 15. muggy over the weekend. >> thank you. time now 6:20. testing reveals cracked rods on the bay bridge and the project chief engineer says the problem
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good morning, everyone. madison baumgarnermadison baumgarner gets as much support as walter mondale did when he was against reagan in '84. not exactly the long range touch of steph curry. baumgarner much more accurate. he retired the first 14 san diego hitters struck out 8 in the first four innings and finished with a career-high 14. but there's the trouble. giants led 2-0 until will venable doubled in two runs and that was it for baumgarner. 11th inning alexi amarista with
6:25 am
runners at the corners off strickland's glove. norris scores and that, folks, is the difference makers. the giants have lost 10 of the last 11 games at home. these guys looking to see if the a's can stay hot in texas. oakland down 5-3 in the 6th but then bigley double to center, butler scores, davis scores, and the game is tied. bigley also homered in the game. top of the 7th 6-5 a's, ben zobrist deep for his fifth of the year. a's win 7 of the last 9 games. adrian gonzalez trying to catch a foul ball but a fab holding a baby -- fan holding a baby catches it one-handed. here's the "catch." this is a picture tweeted by the dodgers last night. the batter was ruled out because that fan his arm is in play. that's fan interference. ruled out. i'm dennis o'donnell.
6:26 am
see you tonight. time now 6:25. this is one of san francisco's most recognizable buildings. what's next after a century of performances at the palace of fine arts? >> a second highway shooting on highway 4. this one overnight. we'll tell you what we know about that one and its possible connection to
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a police k-9 unit is shot and critically injured, shot by an officer from its own department. >> evacuations and road closures are in effect as a
6:30 am
wildfire near tahoe continues to grow. >> good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, june 24. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm maria medina. time now is 6:30. another shooting on a busy east bay freeway. it's the second shooting along highway 4 in less than a week. anne makovec has more from john muir medical center in concord. >> reporter: this is a disturbing trend. somebody riding in a car on highway 4 ended up at john muir medical center last night after this shooting in the pittsburg- bay point area the same area where we saw the shooting on saturday night. this was the area of san marco boulevard and highway 4. officers blocked off the area to collect evidence right after the shooting which happened just after midnight. from what we understand, at least one car was hit by bullets and the driver headed here to john muir medical center in concord. we don't know the condition of the person or persons that were
6:31 am
shot. it all sounds similar to the shooting on highway 4 in the same area on saturday. in fact, it was 2.2 miles away also on highway 4. 20-year-old tomas mendez was killed on his way home from work. somebody shot at his car as he was driving eastbound on highway 4 near bailey road. and the only suspect description we got in that case was that somebody in a honda that was also driving on highway 4 was the one who shot at tomas' car. we don't know if these two shootings yet are related. live in concord anne makevoc, kpix 5. the body of senator clementa pinckney is lying in the south carolina capital. he was killed last week. here's the latest from don champion. >> reporter: the body of senator clementa pinckney will lie in south carolina's capital rotunda today as mourners pay final respects. pinckney spent much of his time
6:32 am
at the capital as a state senator. on tuesday his friends and colleagues took a moment to remember his character. >> a man who loved everyone he came in contact with. >> reporter: a horse-drawn caisson will carry his casket to the statehouse grounds later today where the confederate flag continues to fly. lawmakers in south carolina have now begun debate on removing what some view as a sign of hate, and many as a symbol of history. don champion, cbs news, columbia, south carolina. >> two other viewings will be tomorrow for mr. pinckney including one at the emanuel ame church. president obama will deliver the eulogy at the funeral friday. wikileaks reveals more spying from the nsa. this time, it's on the past three presidents of france. france's current president calls the sign unacceptable. the documents are from 2006 to 2012. it shows them talking about greece's economy in relations
6:33 am
with germany and american spying on allies. a wildfire out of control right now is spreading south of lake tahoe. the so-called washington fire has burned more than 16,000 acres in alpine county. several campgrounds in the area have been evacuated and parts of state highways 4 and 89 are shut down. town of markleeville 8 miles north of the fire is on standby for possible evacuations. >> i figure if push comes to shove everything we can get in that toyota prius is all we're gonna take. >> that fire by the way was ignited by lightning friday. we talked about this earlier but roberta, looks like firefighter are not going to get relief from the weather. >> there is no more fire season it's 12 months a year. this weekend we have subtropical moisture lifting up north and there's a chance of thunderstorms popping throughout the central valley in the high sierra for the weekend so we'll keep a watchful eye on that. let's get you out the door this
6:34 am
morning. hi,everybody! this is the scene looking out at the bay bridge where we have mostly cloudy skies. big change from 24 hours ago when we had clear conditions. it is clear in santa rosa in the upper 40s. we have clear skies in livermore at 56 with a bit of a breeze in concord now at 57. numbers very similar to yesterday. 60s with sunshine at the coast. 70s, 80s peninsula. 86 degrees morgan hill. east of the bay some of the toasty numbers up to 93. otherwise 60s to the 80s north of the golden gate bridge. full forecast 48 minutes after the hour but first, here's liza. >> we have problems now for the sausalito commute of. an accident southbound 101 approaching spencer avenue involving a car overturning and now a fuel leak so again this is southbound 101 approaching spencer avenue. at least one right lane is shut down as we look at live pictures now from one of our traffic cameras on the scene. again, there is a fuel spill now at least two lanes of traffic are shut down. this is just outside the golden
6:35 am
gate. so it's going to meter off a lot of the traffic normally bound for the golden gate bridge this morning. no delays on the golden gate itself. highway 4, that's a trouble spot, as well. a big rig accident in the westbound direction approaching hillcrest. still blocking the right lane. so you can see traffic down to very low speeds. the entire length of highway 4 is going to be slow leaving antioch through pittsburg into concord. that's your "kcbs traffic." now to maria. caltrans has unveiled new information about defective rods on t new span of the bay bridge. it could affect 400 others in the future. they are designed to secure the tower to the foundation during earthquakes. they could be repaired or replaced if necessary. almost all the rods have been exposed to water which makes them brittle. today some san francisco supervisors will celebrate the end of a challenge. the travel on the muni transit system for a month. all the supervisors took part
6:36 am
at least once but some less than others. mayor lee went on two rides. supervisor katy tang had one ride. a police k-9 attacked an officer in richmond and was shot. [ inaudible ] >> it happened yesterday morning in the police department parking lot. the three-year-old dog somehow got out of the back of the patrol car and attacked an officer inside the building. officer did not have safety gear on and didn't know the command to get the dog off so he shot him. >> was that the right judgment call to fire a shot?! >> you know, it depends on the officer, if he felt, um, that the actions by the k-9 warranted it. i wasn't there. i can't say what his thought process was at the time. >> that police officer will be okay. the dog was critically injured but veterinarians have been able to stabilize the dog. richmond police say something like this has never happened
6:37 am
before. nine san francisco police officers will stay on paid leave because of racist texts. a judge is weighing whether the city waited too long to discipline them. the officers contend the department should have started the process after learning of the texts three years ago. but the sfpd said that would have jeopardized the federal investigation. the police officer wants to fire seven officers over the texts. the maryland medical examiner has released the report. the autopsy report says freddie gray suffered an injury to his neck and spine likely caused when a police van suddenly slowed down. the report says gray was at risk because his wrists an ankles were shackled yet he was not belted in. the report calls the death a homicide because officers failed to follow safety procedures. a landmark building in san francisco will soon have some big changes. 7 competing developers presented their ideas yesterday about what to do with the
6:38 am
palace of fine arts. a lot of people don't want too many changes. >> i'd like it to be art and community. >> a restaurant, hotel, even a 150,000-square-foot gym are some of the ideas being considered. a publisher of a vietnamese newspaper has a sizable lead in a special runoff election for the san jose city council. with 80% of ballots counted mon nguyen has the lead. 6:38. police may have finally stopped a group of thieves after a wild confrontation in a popular bay area clothing store. >> and ridesharing companies have been approved to operate at the airport in san jose but a lot of them are saying no thanks. i'm kiet
6:39 am
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good morning. take a look at the temperatures expected across the bay area today. we will clear out at the coast in the 60s. 70s and 80s with the sunshine around the peninsula. 86 degrees morgan hill. east bay numbers stacking up to 93 degrees in brentwood. and good morning, san rafael! your high temperature today of 81 degrees from the 60s at the coast to 78 degrees in mill valley. meanwhile, 97 degrees in cloverdale. cooler than that in windsor. the full forecast in just a couple of minutes. thanks, roberta. los gatos based netflix is going ahead with a stock split and the market right now is loving it. here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, maria. good morning, frank. netflix was widely anticipated to make this move a 7 for 1
6:43 am
split on july 15. company stock trading at an all- time high closing in on $700. it's up 60% over the past 12 months. investors excited about the company's expansion overseas. two-thirds of a subscriber base is in the u.s. but its growth in the future will be coming from overseas as it rapidly moves into new markets. the u.s. economy wasn't quite as bad as initially expected in the 1st quarter. the commerce department says gdp was down by .2%. in the prior expert it was figured down .7%. we had a bad winter and the dollar affecting exporters but we are looking for a rebound in the current quarter and beyond. we have seen evidence of that in stronger employment numbers, also in retail sales bouncing back and some strong numbers for the housing market. the market overall today is pulling back on worries that greece will not reach a debt deal with creditors could force greece to default on its debt by the end of the monday and
6:44 am
potentially get force the out of the eurozone. we are waiting to see what that might lead to. the market is down a bit. let's check the big board so far. dow dropping a little more than 56 points. nasdaq is down by 5. the s&p lower by 2. netflix shares up on its stock split news. back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks. let's check in with charlie rose in the big chair with the latest on the cbs news this morning show. >> reporter: good morning. we are tracking developments out of france after allegations surfaced overnight that the nsa spied on three french presidents. plus, the new study finding medical marijuana doesn't work for many illnesses it is
6:45 am
supposed to treat. and scientists analyze charts and discover the single biggest event that changed american music. travelers soon be able to use ridesharing services to get picked up at mineta international airport in san jose. >> kiet do is live in san jose to explain how the city had some strict rules for services like lyft and uber. >> reporter: good morning. the council passed that plan by a wide margin yesterday but a lot of these ridesharing companies are saying, no thanks. they don't plan to operate at the airport because they say these new rules are too inconvenient and the city tried to pull a fast one. last night the council passed this new one year pilot program that requires ridesharing drivers to abide by rules similar to those of traditional cab drivers. drivers for companies like uber and lyft will have to get business licenses, pay fees, be subject to vehicle inspection and go through background checks and here's the sticking point. they have to get fingerprinted.
6:46 am
yesterday's vote came after comment at city hall mainly from employees who want some of the airport business. [ inaudible ] >> a company says current terms of the permit abandoned nine months of negotiations between ridesharing platforms at the airport and imposed burdensome requirements that state regulators have found do nothing to improve passenger safety. and so these companies stay they will stay way from the airport until the city lifts this fingerprint requirement. until then, the city cannot collect more than the 600,000 estimated revenue dollars here at the airport that they think they will get from ridesharing companies. back to you. >> thank you. some people in san jose's willow glen area want their old street back. city relosed lincoln avenue from 4 to 2 lanes trying to make it safer for pedestrians. some like it because of more
6:47 am
room to park and walk but the willow glen business association is against it. they say they are losing business and there's more congestion. >> it's killing me. our business is off 15% each more. we're pay top rents in great locations but to survive, we need the business. >> people at a salon say clients keep showing up late since the street experiment began. the city council plans to hear from the neighborhood association before deciding whether to switch back to four lanes. all right. sun is up. traffic is gone. people are waking up. >> here's liza. >> this morning's commute is in full gear this morning. accident south 101 in sausalito. lots of traffic now just outside of the golden gate bridge. so you're looking at live pictures of where this car overturned. there's now a fuel spill being cleaned up south 101 at spokespersons and sausalito. traffic backed up from beyond
6:48 am
rodeo avenue. and all of this is metering off the traffic normally bound for the golden gate bridge this morning. san mateo bridge got an accident clearing west 92 just beyond the toll plaza. you can see from these live pictures that is a very slow commute westbound sluggish to midspan. bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on. traffic backed up through the macarthur maze drive times up so set aside extra commute from oakland to san francisco. the peninsula commute though is still holding steady with just a brief delay for south 101 as you make your way out of the san carlos area bound for redwood city 280 a clear shot between san francisco and the silicon valley. so enjoy the light traffic there. not so good for the altamont pass. you can always expect delays. this morning those backups extend to the 205 interchange. that's a look at your "kcbs traffic." now to roberta. >> liza, i think you scared everyone told them they had to
6:49 am
hit the roads because i had hundreds of weather watcher and now i have only two! you scared 'em! ! you sent them out the door this morning. you must have told them the roads are horrible! lindsay patton is reporting 56 degrees in pacifica with cloud cover. thanks for sticking around, i appreciate it. 57 degrees and that's steve. he is in los altos reporting clear conditions there. so it gives me a good idea how far inland the marine layer has penetrated this morning. oh, that is pretty. that's a look towards treasure island under mostly cloudy skies. we have clear conditions in livermore at 56 degrees. san jose partly cloudy in the mid-50s. clear skies in santa rosa at 49. watch very carefully you will see the development of the marine layer right there around the san mateo coast lifting up north. it's roughly between 1,000 and 1300 feet deep. it will wipe away today as hype moves in from the eastern
6:50 am
pacific but wait! high pressure strengthens on thursday. that will result in our temperatures in the triple digits for the first time this summer season. but it will be short-lived. wait until you see that seven- day forecast. 96 state capital today. 109 in redding. we are going to watch the high sierra forecast as we go foot weekend the possibility of thunderstorms on saturday and sunday from subtropical moisture. that's not good because of the potential of lightning strikes. 100 today in fresno. sun-up at 5:49, today slightly warmer than yesterday, 93 brentwood, 50s, 60s beaches. 70s and low 80s around the peninsula today. there's your thursday. a big jump up in the numbers on thursday inland. then we begin to cool on friday. a little muggy over the weekend. baseball, let's hope for a better outcome tonight as the giants host the padres, ryan vogelsong on the mound for the
6:51 am
good guys. make it a great day. two girls are under arrest for shoplifting and battery on an officer. and they may be part of an infamous gang called the rainbow girls. they were caught last night at the clothing store forever21 on market street in san francisco. police say three teen girls ran inside, began shoplifting in a swarming theft similar to previous just incidents. this time officers caught one them. >> they all came from different directions. some went around the corner to the other side of the store. but there was a lot of cops. >> police say the girls fought back. one officer used a pepper spray and got a faceful himself. both of the girls were booked on suspicion of resisting arrest and fighting with officers. a buddhist monk faces attempted murder charges for trying to kill a fellow monk. the stabbing happened last week at the temple in oakland. police say the suspect used two kitchen knives to stab the other monk in the head and face.
6:52 am
he reportedly admitted to cops he did it while being arrested. he is now behind bars with no bail. the victim is recovering. they may look good but are they bad for you? >> we are talking about skinny jeans. doctors in australia have been treating a 35-year-old woman who they say temporarily lost the use of her legs because her pants were too tight and they blamed prolonged squatting in skinny jeans. >> bending down just imagine the jeans kind of cutting off right at the knee level and compressing on the nerve. >> apparently it's the real thing. the women's legs were so swollen doctors had to cut her out of her jeans. they say the woman could not walk for four-days. -- four days. >> sounds extreme. >> she was squatting for quite some time. 6:52. more than 700 people are dead
6:53 am
in a heat wave in asia. >> reporter: and a second highway shooting in the same area of the east bay. we'll tell you about it coming up.
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ ♪ five things to know at the :55. mourners in charleston, south carolina are saying good-bye to clementa pinckney. the body will lie in state inside the state capital. the state senator was among those murdered during a bible study. a meeting with the u.s. ambassador over spying. wikileaks says ns "a" list end to phone conversations of the
6:57 am
last three french president. a record-breaking heat wave killed over 700 people in southern pakistan. meteorologists say temperatures hit 113 there to make matters worse widespread power outages and running water is scarce. the washington fire has burned more than 16,000 acres south of lake tahoe in alpine county. several campgrounds in the area have been evacuated. and parts of state highways 4 and 89 are closed. and ridesharing services will be allowed to pick up passengers at mineta san jose international airport under a one-year pilot program. drivers will have to follow rules similar to taxi drivers and that will include fingerprinting and background checks. and a second highway shooting along highway 4 in the east bay. i'm anne makovec live in concord where it appears one of the people who was shot was brought last night. last night's shooting was in the pittsburg-bay point area near san marco boulevard and highway 4. officers shut down
6:58 am
the roadway blocked off the area collecting evidence. this and just after midnight. and from what we understand, one car was hit by bullets and the driver headed here to john muir medical center in cord. a car was taped off for some time as a crime scene. we don't know the condition of the person who was shot. a shooting in highway 4 on saturday, 20-year-old tomas mendez was killed on the way home from work. someone shot at his car as he was driving east on 4 near bailey road. that is about 2.2 miles from last night's shooting. we don't, however, yet know whether or not these shootings are connected. live in concord, anne makevoc, kpix 5. delays continue in marin county following this morning's overturn accident and fuel spill. you're looking at live pictures of the accident scene. south 101 at spencer. this car on its roof looks like a caltrans sign may have been
6:59 am
struck in the accident. delays from beyond rodeo avenue approaching the accident scene. this is holding back a lot of the traffic normally headed for the golden gate. traffic is fine there. but the san mateo bridge is stacked up solid. an accident cleared. westbound traffic slow leaving the toll plaza to midspan. i'm taking a look at the traffic cameras so i'm looking at san jose and saying, you just showing off now. look at all that blue sky!! all that sky. i call that warriors blue sky now. >> forever and a day. >> 51 degrees santa rosa clear skies. 57 degrees overcast in oakland. later today similar to yesterday. it's not even a degree or two warmer. low 90s inland. hotter thursday. 101 degrees. but it's short-lived. cooler by friday. a little muggy by the weekend. summer has arrived. >> ac, baby. crank it up. >> roberta going to buy us a pretzel pizza hot dog?
7:00 am
[ laughter ] >> that sounds deliesh. captions by: caption colorado captioning funded by cbs good morning to our viewers in the west. it's wednesday, june 24th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." france summons the u.s. ambassador overnight after leaked intelligence claims the nsa spied on three french presidents. severe storms tear across several states. the wild weather ripped down trees and stranded cars and amtrak passengers. a provocative ad campaign transforms a famous coke commercial to avoid the world to avoid sugary drinks. we begin with the "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> very active stretch of


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